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Muna Activities

Published : 23 November, 2019
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What is MUNA?

  • MUNA is a non-profit, faith-based and social service national organization. Federal tax exempt under section 501(c)(3)
  • It was founded with the objective of seeking the pleasure of Allah by striving to develop personal, moral and social quality of human life.

MUNA Activities…

  1. Dawah event, personal and group Dawah work,
  2. Distributing Quran,  Booklet and Flyers,
  3. Sahih Quran Taleem, Darsul quran, Darsul Hadith,
  4. Education camp, Education session, Leadership camp, different kinds of workshops,
  5. Qiamul lail, Study circle, Group Reading,
  6. So many Dawah Halaqa around the Nation.
  7. Family night event, parenting programs,
  8. Tafseer Mahfil, Serath Mahfil,
  9. Distributing food for Hungers, Neighborhood Cleaning, Back to school program,
  10. Mother- Daughter event, self-defense class,
  11. Mental Health seminar, Speech and Cultural night. 
  12. MUNA has established many Centers/Masjid,
  13. Imams and community leadership programs,
  14. MUNA convention.
  15. MUNA Book Service to provide Quran, Hadith and Islamic literature.

MUNA started this journey almost three decades ago and it continues to reach out to fellow Muslim at the grass root level through Weekly, Monthly and Yearly programs.

MUNA have made tremendous moral changes to families and individuals in the communities.

MUNA exerted continuous efforts in helping our children to become a responsible and Allah conscious person.

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