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Dawah and Faith Awareness
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Dawah and Faith Awareness

National Da’wah and Faith Awareness Department: At a Glance

Mission and Vision  of this Department are:

  1. To expedite the Islamic Dawah activities by MUNA manpower, the National Dawah Department publishes various Dawah materials such as Translation of Holy Quran, publishing basic Islamic Books, and Flyers and try to produce professional manpower.
  1. To Spread out Basic Islamic knowledge by inviting our Muslims Brothers and Sisters to practice it and introduce   Non-Muslims about beauty of Islam, especially to the Bangladeshi Americans living in USA.
  2. To make Nationwide Tele Tafseerul Quran and Darsul Hadith Program over phone conference familiar to all Bangladeshi peoples in USA on different Basic Issues/topics of Islam.
  1.  Try to Convey the Message of Islam and Its Beauty to everyone in general, and to all Muslim in a Special by Dawah Seminar, Workshop, Open House program and by our publications up to the grassroots level of MUNA manpower in general and to Non-Muslims in   special.
  1. Dawah Department tries to encourage up to Sub-Chapter to go out to different new Area/States for 1 to 3 days to create Dawah Area for expanding Dawah activities of MUNA. 
  1. To   speed up and supervise Regular activities of Dawah at Zonal, Chapter and Sub-Chapter level by National Dawah Department/Team to make the National plan a success.

To achieve these goals, MUNA National Dawah Department initiates some action plan as follows:

  • Individual Dawah: Giving Dawah to selected individuals by making an effective plan to choose Dawah friends and contact them individually one to one.
  • Group Dawah: Making Dawah groups up to Sub-Chapter levels and getting out first week of every month to convey the message of Islam to targeted Brothers and Sisters at different pre-planned area. Each group will make an effective plan and schedule to go out at least once in every month.
  • National Dawah Fortnight
  • National Dawah Fortnight used to be for 15 days either in May or June in every year. National Dawah Department used to supply all Dawah materials/Flyers /Brochures/Booklets/Leaflets/ Dawah Gift Boxes and Dawah related selected Books. MUNA Chapters used to place an order and collect them by their own.
  • Dawah Fortnight letter along with a material list used to be sent to Zones/Chapters in April every year.  National leaderships visit to chapter levels after Dawah Fortnight to follow up and to get a written report of Dawah activities during Dawah Fortnight.
  • Dawah Gift Box : MUNA  encourages  to prepare Important Dawah materials package titled “Dawah Gift Box” for distribution to the targeted people of all chapter.
  • MUNA Dawah Dept. is Trying to write/translate few books, leaflets & Brochures on the Basic Fundamentals of Deen.
  • Holding Tele Dawah Program/Halaqah twice in every month:
  • Monthly D’awah Tele Conference/ Halaqah (Tafseerul Quran) on various topics First

Sunday@9:00 pm EST of every Month.

  • Monthly D’awah Tele Conference/ Halaqah (Darsul Hadith) on various subjects

First Wednesday@11:00am EST of every Month

  • The National Dawah and Social services Committee formed to supervise and Coordinate activities of Dawah and Social Services of National to sub-Chapter level.
  • MUNA National leaderships used to organize National Tele Conference with all manpower in every month to make sure that all Sub-Chapters are following Sub-Chapter Agenda, specially, Dawah team must be getting outside and must be   giving dawah in several area of Chapter along with Social services cooperation (if possible). Dawah trough social works is highlighted and given priority such as Street clean, Feed the hungry, mobile dawah, setting Dawah Tables Etc.
  • Distribution of free Translated Quran in different languages: Dawah Department takes Effective plans to distribute Translations of the Holy Quran in different Languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, French and Bengali to Muslims and Non-Muslims.
  • MUNADAWAH” Face Book Page works to spread Basic Islamic teaching by uploading different motivational lectures of renowned Islamic Scholars to convey the message of Dawah toward common peoples.
  1. MUNA Dawah Department encourages to convey Islamic Dawah by organizing Interfaith Dialogue, Welcome Ramadan, Seeratun Nabi (SA), Tafseerul Quran Mahfil, Ifter Mahfil, Study tour/Picnic and MUNA Calendar.

Dawah work is not an optional. It is a mandatory duty upon each and every Muslim. As a result, all brothers and sisters from National level to Zones, Chapters and Sub-Chapters should think that this is our duty to give Dawah and covey the beauty of Islam to Non-Muslims in general by introducing Islam to them and to Muslim by encouraging them to practice in a special.

             May Allah SWT give us tawfeeq to implement our Annual Dawah Plan 2019

          Be the part of Dawah and accept our efforts. Ameen.

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