Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
National Executives

Members of MUNA National Executive Committee

  • MUNA National President: Md. Dalouer Hossain
  • National Vice President & Director of Outreach:  Abu Ahmed Nuruzzaman
  • National Vice President & Director of Education and Leadership Development: Dr. Syedur Rahman Chowdhury
  • National Vice President & Director of Organization and Office: Abul Basher Faizullah
  • National Executive Director: Harun O Rashid 
  • National Assistant Executive Director & Director of MUNA Centers: Arman Chowdhury
  • Director of Dawah and Faith Awareness: Dr. Muhammad Ruhul Amin
  • Director of Finance: Mohammed Abdul Aziz.
  • Director of Justice and Human Dignity: Md Ziaul Islam Shameem
  • Director of Social Service & Family Development: Dr. Riajul Islam
  • Director of MUNA Youth: Ahmed Khaled Hossain
  • Director of Young Sisters of MUNA: Rokeya Begum Rina
  • Director of Muna Children: Alea Begum Shumi
  • Joint Director of Outreach: Waliur Rahman
    • Joint Director of  Education: AbuSamihah Sirajul Islam
    • Joint Director of MUNA Centers: Mohammad M Sujon
    • Joint Director of Finance: Sheikh Jalal Uddin.

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