Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
MUNA Youth
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Department of MUNA Youth

MUNA Youth is a division of Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA). The aim and objective of MUNA Youth Department is to take the Muslim youth communities to an esteemed level of awareness of the positive Islamic responsibilities that the youth have towards the human race. Through positive social services and activities for the young professional; MUNA Youth remains alive in the hearts, minds and actions of many youths living in the United States. MUNA Youth department’ goals and services are divided into four unique categories. These categories are Invitation, Organization, Education and Social Service. All youth who are associated with the MUNA Youth department performs each of these tasks both on a personal and organizational level to create a caravan of hope.

The noble focus of MUNA Youth departments is to achieve the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by serving the needs of the youth communities. Through service to the young creations of Allah (SWT), MUNA Youth maintains an active role in the hearts, minds and actions of many youths in the United States. MUNA Youth wishes to produce a group of young men who can become ideal Muslims, sons/brothers, and educationally conscious leaders of our time.

MUNA Youth started this journey almost three decades ago with distinctive focus on four key areas. In addition to providing social services to impacted communities; MUNA Youth made tremendous moral changes to families and individuals throughout the nations.  MUNA, youth continues to reach out to fellow Muslim  youth at the grass root level through weekly, monthly and yearly programs from its chapter and sub-chapters level.

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