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Outreach and Relations
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Outreach and Relations

MUNA is a faith-based Da’wah and Social Services Organization. MUNA tries to provide many invaluable services to the Muslims and the people of greater society and wants to strengthen friendly and working relationships with them. With that vision in mind, Department of Outreach & Relations, in short, “Outreach” has been initiated and working to create awareness among the people, building bridges with others and provide leadership for the society.  

Primarily, Outreach is working among the Bangladeshi Community, Muslim community, ethnic and interfaith Communities and various local citizen forums. In Bangladeshi Community, Outreach is trying to reach out different social and cultural organizations and institutions, professional organizations & Media as well as important personalities. In Muslim Community arena, Outreach is trying to strengthen and maintain brotherly relations and cooperation with individuals and organizations as well as institutions and Islamic Centers. Among the Ethnic & Interfaith Communities, there are many progressive faith-based organizations of Christian, Jews, Hindus and friends of other faiths and groups. In addition, we try our best to participate in local Citizen Forums such as School PTAs and School Boards, local Police Precincts & Community Boards, reach out local elected officials and offer time and logistics to volunteering in respective communities.

MUNA Outreach is working hard to create a harmonious and empathetic environment for all and work together to improve the conditions of our society. We believe every single member of the society has something to contribute and give back to the society to make a better society and evolve as better human being. We have more similarities than differences and as a member of human family everyone deserves to be respected, loved and honored. The more we know each other the more we will come closer and develop mutual trust and feel the urgency of working for common good.

MUNA Department of Outreach & Relations is one step forward to go beyond own comfort zone and reach out members of the greater human society and share their pains and gains. As a follower of Prophet Muhammad (SM) we all have such moral responsibilities toward other fellow human beings. Please visit our website or look for nearest MUNA chapter or sub-chapter for outreach activities and join your hands with us. Together we all can make a peaceful better society Insha-Allah, where, there will be no mistrust, misunderstanding, hatred, discrimination and contempt against one another.  

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